How long will it take to clean my drive?
It really all depends on the size of the area we are cleaning. Most jobs are completed within one day.

How much will it cost?
After your free site visit and hassle free no obligation quote we will send you a written quotation. The price depends on the size of the area but an average family patio will cost around £75.00 and a two car drive will be approximately £100.00

Should I have the surface sealed?
Sealing will restore and enhance the original colour of the surface; it will also provide extra protection against the elements and future staining. It will also reduce future cleaning and repair costs.

How long will it take to re-sand and seal my block paved drive?
This process can only take place once the area is completely dry. This work will usually take another day dependant on the weather.

What about weed prevention?
Prior to the cleaning process a coating of weed killer will be applied to the area. If a sealant is to be used the jointing sand in the block paving will be set rather than loose which will prevent new weeds taking root in the joints.

Will there be any disruption?
No, while the work is being completed there will be a small amount of disruption but after each stage we will leave the site tidy. You will never know that we have been apart from the fact that your property will look stunning!

Will the process damage my block paving?
The flat surface cleaner we use on drives, patios and pathways is designed to provide low level even pressure cleaning. This technique will not undermine sand or damage the surface. The equipment used is regulated and can be adjusted accordingly to suit different surfaces and materials.

Can you remove stains?
Most stains can be removed. Mould, lichen, algae, paint, mortar and even oil stains can be completely removed. If there is likely to be any problems with any stains this will be discussed with you before cleaning commences.

Will I have to stay off the surface after cleaning?
After a basic clean there is no need to keep off the surface. After sealing it is recommended that the surface shouldn’t be walked on for 4 hours and driven on for 24 hours

Any guarantees?
All our work is fully guaranteed we won’t be happy until you are!

Do I need to be home when you’re working on my property?
No because we understand you are as busy as we are. All we ask is that you close all windows and move as much of your garden furniture from the area that we are cleaning.

Will my windows and doors be dirty when you have finished?
No because at no additional charge all downstairs windows, sills and doors will be professionally cleaned as part of the service.

I have heard pressure washers can cause damage, is this true?
What you have heard is very true. This is why you should be very cautious about who you hire. A true professional pressure washing company will use the correct equipment and care about your property as if it was their own.